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Assist 2 Develop is a freelance marketplace dedicated product development professionals in hardware. We are excited to revolutionize the way amazing products come to life!

What is A2D?

With the advancements in technology the ability to create a product and quickly scale it to a million consumers is something that 's achievable today that wasn't possible even a decade ago. Today entrepreneurs and small businesses have access to technologies that were once available only to large organizations or governments.

The challenge for any business pursuing high tech markets is having all of the technical talent under one roof. 

We've addressed this issue by creating Assist 2 Develop (A2D for short) which is a tool like Elance, but one of the key differences is our tool was created for product development professionals. A2D connects customers to technically gifted freelancers / contractors in the engineering industry, allows them to collaborate in real time using our digital workspace, and create the innovative products of the future.

Freelance / Contract services:


Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical)

Design Validation (linear & non linear)

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Physical Prototyping 

A2D three step approach


Our focus is to continually find the top freelancers and top jobs for our customers, so you can find the right professional, for the right application, the first time. Assist 2 Develop allows freelancers to differentiate themselves from the competition by taking a skills assessment and publishing the results to their profile. This gives companies the ability to identify the right freelancer for the right job, but you can also use our digital workspace to conduct an interview to be certain that they’re making the right selection.


Effective communication and sharing of ideas is essential in any product development process. Our digital workspace will help you communicate your ideas and manage your project in real time. Engage in live chat / webcam sessions, share your designs, be notified of any change requests, and or ideas to improve the design. Assist 2 Develop captures each party’s knowledge, expertise, and ideas in an interactive social environment. This allows all of this information / knowledge to be leveraged and built into your design.


Innovation is a team sport. By leveraging the expertise of your team / partners in our digital workspace you will be able to better predict the manufacturability of your design and accelerate your product development process. Assist 2 Develop can decrease the number of iterations while improving the integrity of your designs.