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Thoughts on entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, startups, small business, manufacturing, engineering, & 3D Printing 

Why I Elected to Take my Entrepreneurial Journey to Austin

Bassanio Peters


When thinking about my startup and its future, I decided I needed to be in a city that would allow my business to grow and flourish, so I started to research some of the best cities for Entrepreneurs and startups. Forbes, Entrepreneur magazine, Mashable, and almost all of the major publications had different lists of top cities and reasons why they listed them as the creme de la creme. The abundance of data and research can be overwhelming, even confusing, so I decided to keep it simple and focus on what made the most sense for my company. Before I tell you why I elected to move to Austin let me back up and tell you what my organization is about; not just the services we offer but why we do it (soul of the company). This will help you put my final decision in the proper context. 

We aim to help small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs meet their long term goals and objectives in the high tech space. Our mission is to assist the development of small businesses and their communities, and we accomplish this through our strategic partnerships which allow us to offer business development and / or engineering services from cradle to grave. We can help customers turn a business idea with potential into a productive, self-sustaining business. This not only helps our customers, but it helps the local community flourish. Small local businesses that employ local residents create a ripple effect that can positively impact the community as a whole. Local businesses and entrepreneurs help strengthen and grow local economies, so the more successful startups in a local community, the better.

Now, knowing all of that you will be able to better understand why I elected to move to Austin. Here are the top 5 reasons why Austin:

  1. Keep Austin weird"Keep Austin Weird" is the slogan adopted by the Austin Independent Business Alliance to promote small businesses in Austin, TX. Naturally, a good fit.

  2. Local talent pool: Apple, Samsung, Dell, and various other high-tech companies have large facilities in Austin, and UT's Cockerell School of Engineering is in the top 10 for overall undergraduate rankings. 
  3. Like-minded individuals: Austin has an extremely open and collaborative business climate with an extensive group of seasoned leaders who want to help grow and mentor the next generation of leaders.
  4. Cost of living: Coming from San Diego to Austin, enough said.
  5. Vibrant social community: South By Southwest , ACL, Urban Music festival, 6th street. Always something to do in Austin.

The bottom line is no article or top-ranked list can tell you which specific location will work best for you and your company. It's up to you to identify what is important to you and your company's long-term success and choose the city that will allow you to get there and enjoy the journey.