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Thoughts on entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, startups, small business, manufacturing, engineering, & 3D Printing 

Before You Set Your New Years Resolutions / Goals Read & Watch This

Bassanio Peters

Another year, another opportunity to accomplish the goals you set last year. But the question you have to ask yourself is why didn't I reach last years goals? More often then not people set goals like "I wan't to lose weight" or "I want to read more." These goals often go unfulfilled because there is no way to hold yourself accountable. One key to success is setting specific goals. When you set specific goals like "I will lose ten pounds by June 1st" or "I will read 2 books a month" you remove the possibility of settling for less and increase your chances of success. Personally, I like to set specific goals and then break them up into smaller segments. For example in 2014 my goal was to read 25 books. I accomplished this by breaking it down monthly, which meant I had to read 2 books a month and in June I read 3. When you hit the monthly targets it keeps you motivated to accomplish the original goal. So in 2015 set specific goals and hold yourself accountable, because no one else will. 

In closing, If you don't take the time to watch this video I will leave you with one quote that inspires me to do great things: "When you die, die on E. Leave no dream left behind! Leave no opportunity left behind! When you leave this earth accomplish every single thing you can accomplish."

Let's crush our goals in 2015!!!