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You Need Talent to Capitalize on IoT Market

Bassanio Peters

The global Internet of Things IoT market is expected to increase by more than $5 trillion over the next six years, according to IT research agency, International Data Corporation (IDC). The big takeaway from CES 2015 for me is the fact that we have barely scratched the surface of what's possible. We have the opportunity to improve energy & operational efficiencies in cities, homes, and various other areas that we frequent. The question I hear from numerous customers is "how can small businesses capitalize on this opportunity?" I will do my best to answer this question and give you some suggestions in a couple of blog posts.

In answering this question the thing I want you to understand is that small businesses have a competitive advantage, agility. The ability to innovate quickly, because of the lack of bureaucracy and corporate structure is where startups & small businesses have made their mark. Meanwhile innovation within large companies is often slow and ineffective. Part of this agility is remaining flexible and adaptable to change.


The challenge for any small business is bringing the right talent together. It's rare for a single company to have all of the engineering, programming & manufacturing expertise under one roof, because hiring and keeping top talent is expensive for any small business. The good news is you have options and in my opinion freelancers are an attractive one. 

The economic downturn caused droves of the generation Y tech enthusiasts to explore new ways to make a living and many turned to freelancing. As a matter of a fact in terms of trajectory the independent worker, (Freelancers) category is expanding faster than the overall labor force. So, in theory you could build a freelance team (each having the necessary skill set) and give them the tools to collaborate and work together on your IOT product. 

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